RICHMOND band started as a project in 2010. In the original cast, the band consists of five musicians with decades of experience on stage. The main reason for the formation of the band was the upcoming release of the EP "Kill For A Kiss" which was produced as a promotional CD for employees working at Media Markt and Saturn.

Over time, the idea of ​​putting the entire project back on the musical basics  developed. Thus, the term "RICHMOND Unplugged" was born. The remaining three musicians, frontman Frank (cowboy) Wittenbecher (voc, ac-git, mandoline, harp.), Dominik Hülshorst (drums, perc, voc.) And Wolfgang Schludi (ac-git, voc) agreed - performing unplugged will get the best out of them to attract their audience. This offered a much wider musical scope to the band.

If you see them on stage - they have fun performing. Let them entertain you in their own way and get infected by this unplugged virus.






Frank Wittenbecher

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cell: (+49) 151 195 177 29